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How to ensure that menstrual panties are comfortable and fit in size?

Apr 15,2023 lynmiss

When your period comes, menstrual panties are very important. Menstrual panties not only prevent leaks, but also provide extra protection and comfort. But how do you ensure that menstrual panties are comfortable and fit well? Here are some about Menstrual panties suggestions:

menstrual period panties


1.Measure your size

First, you need to measure your waist and hip size. This will help you choose the right size. Different brands may have different sizes, so be sure to check the size chart for each brand. If your size is not within the standard range, you may consider choosing custom-made menstrual panties.

2.Choose the style that suits you

(1) Regular triangle menstrual panties: suitable for most women.

(2) Mid-rise menstrual panties: suitable for women with heavy menstrual flow. (You can choose according to the length of your usual sanitary napkin or your own preferences.)

(3) High-waisted menstrual panties: suitable for women with heavy menstrual flow and dysmenorrhea. High-waisted styles can keep you warm and relieve menstrual pain.

(4) Waist-cinching and hip-lifting menstrual panties: suitable for women with obesity, barrel waist, sagging buttocks, and those who want to maintain their body shape and figure. However, it is important to note that this style has certain shaping and body shaping functions. Women who are weak during menstruation, have dysmenorrhea, have too much or too little menstrual blood, or feel uncomfortable during use should be cautious! Be sure to choose the size that suits you, not too tight or too loose, and make yourself pass through the menstrual period easily and happily.

3.Choose high-quality menstrual panties

Choosing high-quality menstrual panties is also the key to ensuring comfort and fit. Good menstrual panties should be soft and comfortable, and have breathability. In addition, they should be able to absorb blood effectively and prevent leakage.

4.Change menstrual panties regularly

Regardless of what style and size you choose, menstrual panties should be changed regularly. It is recommended to change them every few hours to ensure maximum protection and comfort.

In summary, choosing menstrual panties that fit your size and style, selecting high-quality brands, and changing them regularly can ensure that your menstrual panties are comfortable and fit.

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